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Service Description: This dataset includes various facilities used for fisheries management in the Columbia Basin, as well as key hydroelectric dams throughout the Basin. For the purposes of this dataset, a facility is a fixed or semi-fixed location where fish are managed, counted or passed, and generally where there is at least one data record in a Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) database. Not all dams fall neatly within this definition, but are included since they are a significant factor in fish distribution. A primary objective of this dataset is to link PSMFC's Columbia Basin fish data programs through a common location framework, while eliminating the redundancy of location data being mapped and managed by the individual program. While the facility location data will be managed by the PSMFC GIS Center as a single dataset, facilities can be separated and published into multiple map layers based on facility type or other attributes. Sources for these point data came primarily from Programs within the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC), including StreamNet, PIT Tag Information System (PTAGIS), and the Regional Mark Processing Center (RMPC), and their various state and federal partners. Locations have been checked and in some cases modified, to more closely match available imagery and/or regional hydrography, as appropriate. Inclusion in the dataset or depiction in the mapper does not mean that the facility is currently active. Basic types of fish facilities currently include: Hatcheries, acclimation / release sites, Dams (categorized further for display purposes), Fish traps & collection facilities (including screw traps, weir traps, etc.), Fish passage facilities (including fish ladders and juvenile fish bypasses), PTAGIS instream remote detection facilities* (* Note that not all PTAGIS sites are depicted in this dataset.) We strive for accuracy and completeness, but expect that improvements to the dataset can be made. If you have any corrections, additions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact

Map Name: Columbia Basin Fish Facilities


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Layers: Description: This dataset shows the locations of facilities used for fisheries management or passage within the Columbia River basin.

Copyright Text: PSMFC GIS, StreamNet, PTAGIS, RMPC

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