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StreamNet/FishDistribution_BySpeciesRun (MapServer)

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Map Name: Generalized Fish Distribution (StreamNet - May 2013)


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Layers: Description: This map service hosts a number of layers representing generalized fish distribution and activity as individual map layers BY SPECIES AND RUN as contained in the StreamNet database. The underlying feature classes were created based on linear event data extracted from the StreamNet database on May 15, 2013. Distribution is based upon the best professional judgement of local fish biologists, in the Pacific Northwest Region (Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana). These data were collected by biologists at the state fish & wildlife agencies of Washington (WDFW), Oregon (ODFW), Idaho (IDFG) and Montana (MFWP). Data were then compiled by StreamNet staff into linear event tables at the state level. These event tables were submitted to the StreamNet regional staff at Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commision (PSMFC) where the regionally consistent distribution feature class was created from the source event tables and finalized following QA/QC and reconciliation where necessary. All data is referenced to StreamNet's Best Available Mixed-Scale Routed Hydrography as of January 2012 (MSHv3) on the LLID-based stream routing system. These underlying spatial data are available for download along with FGDC compliant metadata from

Copyright Text: Data was compiled by the StreamNet project (, which is administered by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and funded by Bonneville Power Administration through the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's Fish and Wildlife Program. Data was provided by partners to the project: Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

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